Magnus Carlsen – Anish Giri (2011)

Some days ago I mentioned this game and I also wanted to show how the DHTML Chess Widget can be used to show a replayable game on a blogsite as long as you are able to use PHP and to store the corresponding PGN file on the server. It’s not perfect, because some of the comments and variations from the PGN file are not shown below the board, but it still looks nice.
Note that I have used a smaller chess board for this one and that you can click on the moves to get the corresponding position.

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2 Responses to Magnus Carlsen – Anish Giri (2011)

  1. Nicolas says:

    First of all, congratulations for your site.
    How dou you manage to install DHTML Chess Widget ?
    Don’t you have any problem to see all the game in a pgn file ?

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